Quandl data adapter for Rigt Edge

I have a good news for all Right Edge users. Yes Yahoo data api is gone. And yes, other data sources are corrupt or not supported anymore in 2018. Except for google finance, there is very little choice. Sure there is Quandl, but how do I use it, when there is no plugin in C#? Well, look no more. I uploaded the source code on my github page.

1. Just go to my Github repo.

2. Download the source code and put it in the DataRetrieval project under RightEdgePlugins solution.

3. Compile it into DLL.

4. And lastly, just replace your old DLL in .../RightEdge/Plugins/ Thats it, just restart the app and you`re good to go. You`ll see it in your data adapters list in the application now.